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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Kosuke Minowa new

Born in 1985 in Tokyo. He joined Futabasha Publishers Ltd. in 2010 and served as advertisement sales representative for fashion magazines. He coordinated tie-ups, product developments, and other events. Transcending departmental borders, he started NEO HILLS Japan magazine which achieved top of overall Amazon Best Sellers. After being transferred to editorial department in 2014, he edited books such as Lonely Enthusiasm by Toru Kenjo. After moving to Gentosha Inc., he established NewsPicks Book in 2017 and has been its editor in chief. His works include Power of Being Super Active by Takafumi Horie, Money 2.0 by Katsuaki Sato, Strategy of Japan’s Restoration by Yoichi Ochiai. Within its first year, NewsPicks Book sold more than a million books. He also leads one of the largest on-line communities, Minowa Editing Team which has grown to have 1300 members. Beyond conventional roles as editor, he has been producing wide variety of contents.


10/4 11:25-12:55

[F-1] Leading consumers who do not know what they want