adtech tokyo

October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Expected Number of Exhibitors / Sponsor
100+ Exhibitors, 40+ sponsors, 15,000+ attendees

About Exhibition & Sponsorship

ad:tech tokyo is Aisa’s largest marketing conference. It’s one and only opportunity to introduce your service at Asia’s largest marketing conference.

About Exhibition

Why Exhibit?

1. Promote your service & Create Brand Awareness
Your company logos and information will be posted on the official website as well as to our official guidebooks and other printing
materials which are distributed to all attendees who come to the event. The logos printed on your booth and the floor map will also help extend recognition to those who you might missed the chance to meet at your booth.
2. Create New Valuable Network Efficiently
15,000 leading thinkers attend ad:tech Tokyo from Japan and other countries overseas. This is an efficient place to meet and connect
with a great number of people in a limited time. Also, an effective place to exchange information with other exhibitors about competitive research and current issues.
3. Build Customer Loyalty
You can use the exhibition opportunities as a loyalty program, by conducting an educational seminar at your booth for your existing customers or explaining the company’s newest services towards new and existing customers.

Exhibition Menu



※Floor map is subject to change.


  • Exhibiting/Sponsorship Menu(PDF)
    ・Exhibiting Menu
    ・Sponsorship Menu
    ・Sponsored Presentation
    ・Startup Stands
  • 2017’s After Show Report(PDF)
    ・Event Summary for 2016
    ・Sponsor & Partner
    ・Attendees from overseas
  • Exhibitor Manual(PDF)
    ・Venue Information / Access
    ・Venue Layout
    ・About Exhibition

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About Sponsorship

Why Sponsor?

1. Branding (Brand Lift)
To sponsor at a global event being held at 5 major cities around the globe, will let you appeal to the world that you are one of the innovative companies leading the industry.
It will lead to increasing brand awareness of your company/service by displaying the company logo to the official website and on the signage onsite which is often exposed to the media.
2. Marketing(Introducing your service, Increasing Brand Recognition)
You can communicate directly with your future customers by handing out flyers and souvenirs, introducing your company through social media and having talk sessions at the Presentation Stage located at the exhibition hall.


  • Exhibiting/Sponsorship Menu(PDF)
    ・Exhibiting Menu
    ・Sponsored Presentation
    ・Startup Stands
  • 2017’s After Show Report(PDF)
    ・Event Summary for 2017
    ・Sponsor & Partner
    ・Attendees from overseas

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How can I receive my E-TICKET ?

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  • 2.After Login, complete your profile setting and answer the questionnaire
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I purchased more than 1 pass.
How should I forward the pass to my colleague ?

  • 1.Login to the ticket site
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  • the blue "+Invite to Event" button. You can send invitation emails to whomever you wish to give the pass to from this page.
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How can I receive my pass ONSITE ?

Please bring your smart phone or tablet onsite to show us the e-ticket on your bio page.
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