adtech tokyo

October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Masaki Mikami 2
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Senior Corporate Officer

Masaki is one of the founding members of Hakuhodo Dennoutai (Cyber Team) established in 1996: the very first in Japan to have a specialized team for Internet marketing within an advertising agency. Ever since, he has been leading solutions and business developments, delivering “new values” to marketing, in the drastically changing environment caused by the emergence of digital media. Currently he is CISO and Senior Corporate Officer at Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and is responsible for innovation which includes open innovation initiatives, global business development and M&As. He has served as juries such as Cannes Lions - Innovation Lions 2016, Media Lions 2013, D&AD, Spikes Asia, Global Effie.


10/4 12:50-13:40

[A-1] Technology Transformation is Changing Everything: Discussion on How to Prepare