adtech tokyo

October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2018/10/04 [11:20 - 12:00]

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Keynote 2“How Digital Advertising is Shaping the Future of the Internet”

What is ad-tech going to look like in the future? What do advertisers really need to know? And how do brands and retailers stand out today?
In this keynote, Jean-Baptise Rudelle, CEO of Criteo, will discuss how the state of advertising is transforming – and how the Internet as we know it is transforming. He will break down the big problems of AI and personalization by showing examples of how retailers and brands can activate data more efficiently and more effectively than ever before.
Attendees will learn about personalization, the ad-tech market of today and tomorrow, as well as exclusive research looking into the Japanese ad-tech market.