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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Daiki Tanaka new
CEO/Announcer/Sports anchor

Begun career as a Television announcer at Fuji Television. Mainly worked as sportscaster in programs such as EZ! TV, Tokudane, SPORT, and HERO’S. In 2018, started working as a freelance and expanded his career not only as an announcer, but also as a TV host and an essay writer. Moreover, founded inflight.Co.Ltd with a strong objective to design the sports business industry with the integration of online and offline broadcasting. Furthermore, diligently organizes and supports events and CSR activities for sports teams and firms. Not only a sportscaster, but also a player as himself throughout his school life. Played baseball and given the Award of Great Player of Hyogo during high school.


10/5 12:55-13:45

[D-5] Progress of sports media business by digital contents marketing