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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Kenichi Kakuno 2
Advertisement department

Now most of tech companies in Silicon Valley carry "Oi Ocha(Non-sugar green tea beverage)". I made the new beverage movement there in these five years. I started working ITO EN, LTD. in 2001. I had some experiences of sales in Tokyo, NY and SF. Now I am belonging to a marketing department and trying new ways to appeal "Japanese green tea culture". One of them is "Chackathon(Cha+hackathon)" I think "best marketing=Creating culture". I will try to make a new culture with collaborating with many other companies and people. My goal is extending the average life span of people all over the world and supporting to make their life happier.


10/5 12:55-13:45

[A-5] Reflecting Business Models into your Marketing - how to grow your corporation as a Marketer.