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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Toshihiro Mori new
Senior Executive Officer/Deputy Director General of Corporate Planning Headquarters/General Manager of Strategy Management Department

Toshihiro Mori joined KYUSHU RAILWAY COMPANY in 1991, and engaged in strategy management and finance. Appointed as president of Group company JR KYUSHU DRUG ELEVEN CO., LTD. in 2009. Then served as General Manager of Finance & Accounting Department, Marketing & Sales Department of Railway Operations Headquarters, and Travel Services Headquarters of KYUSHU RAILWAY COMPANY. In the current position of General Manager of Strategy Management Department, he created an integrated loyalty points program to further promote JR Kyushu Group’s CRM strategy, based on customer data collected by data-marketing-supported online train ticket sales system he built up when he was the General Manager of Marketing & Sales Department. Currently driving forward digital transformation of JR Group for implementation of AI, IoT and utilization of big data.


10/5 13:55-14:45

[E-6] Customer creation and customer based marketing