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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Asako Nakamura new
Morning Labo inc,

Asako Nakamura President and founder of Morning Labo Co, Ltd. An expert in spatial design, PR event planning, and visual merchandising. During her student years, Asako has launched a picturesque "Satsuei Joshikai (Girl's Photo Shooting Party)" where attendee can enjoy a heroine-like experience. The picturesque photo shoot event has became a viral movement amongst Japanese teenage girls, resulting in Asako to be featured in numerous media. Since then, Asako has proposed a cutting-edge promotion method of "photogenic marketing" which attains high engagement rate amongst female (mainly early twenties to mid thirties) on social media.


10/5 12:00-13:30

[F-5] Native ads: borders of no more ads