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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Co-medical Co.,Ltd
President & CEO

Akira Sedei, the president and CEO, has a very unique carrer. After he graduated from university, he started his carrer as a dance instructor. Then he works for a academic medical center, a technician at a Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo. After he seeks his career as a police officer, join in the SBC medical group. And on April 2014, he founded Co-medical Co., Ltd. We have been planning and providing various categories of products, cosmetics, suppliment and apparel. Our vision is "contribute to smile". Through our products, we would like to make everyone we related with, our customers, employees, business partners, smile.


10/5 13:55-14:45

[A-6] Appeal to the senses! Designing customer experiences and approaches