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October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Suzuki Yashiro new
Digital Shift Wave Inc.
President & CEO

Yasuhiro Suzuki Born 2/28/1965 Yasuhiro Suzuki joined “Fujitsu” in 1987. He engaged in system development and customer support as System Engineer. He moved to “Softbank Co., Ltd.” in 1996 and engaged in sales and new business planning. After that, he became the founding director of the establishment of “e-shopping-books Co., Ltd.” which sells books on the internet. He took office as CIO of “Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.” in 2014 and served as leader of group omni channel strategy. In 2015 he appointed to Executive Officer CIO of “Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.” In March, 2017, he established “Digital Shift Wave Co., Ltd.” as representative Director and President. He is supporting companies that aim for many digital shifts.


10/5 15:00-15:50

[A-7] How Omni channel should be to obtain good customers