adtech tokyo

October 4th-5th,
2018 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2018/10/5 [10:00 - 10:40]

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Keynote 4 The Power of eCommerce Marketing

The session will address the growth that is happening in eCommerce marketing, and how businesses and brand marketers can build strategies to drive success in this rapidly evolving space. As consumers, we’re living in an age of unprecedented access and choice. From iced tea and toothpaste movies and music, advancements in technology are causing a major shift in peoples’ shopping habits—and it’s a shift that is happening globally, impacting economies across the world. With the growth in adoption and usage of not only digital devices and channels but also new technologies like AI, we’re seeing the emergence of powerful external trends that are reinventing the shopping experience as we know it. And as shopping habits change, how we engage our customers through marketing also needs to change.  Amazon believes it is critical to embrace these new trends.