adtech tokyo

October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2017/10/17 [10:10 - 10:50]

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Keynote 2The Evolution of Customer Centric Data Management

Without customers you have no brand, but are all customers created equal? New advancements in data collection and analysis allow you to discover your most loyal customers. Learn from actively customer-centric brands how prioritizing your customer experience to suit your very best customers can dramatically increase profits. The dynamic way in which consumers communicate, digest content, socialize and make purchasing decisions poses a difficulty for digital marketers. They must continuously evolve their marketing tactics to increase brand engagement. The issue is not a shortage of data or technology—it’s a shortage of actionable insights that drive measurable return. Achieving measurable return relies on how well you understand your target audience, your ability to tailor value proposition with what motivates consumers to buy, utilization of proper segmentation and targeting of content, and being able to establish return customers.

Through best practices and examples, you will learn:
· How to leverage customer centricity as the foundation of your consumer strategy and how to take action on this data
· Practical applications of omnichannel—the intersection of known users and anonymous users in the DMP
· Understand the consumer experience and optimize through test and learn