adtech tokyo

October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Keynote Speaker

Thoryn Stephens
Oro Analytica

Thoryn Stephens is the co-founder of Oro Science, focused on strategic product development in the areas of data science & predictive analytics, marketing & advertising stack optimization and systems integration. Most recently he served as the Chief Digital Officer of American Apparel, a leading global clothing brand. He managed and oversaw the Digital business, including web, mobile and user experience across a global network. With fifteen years of management experience, he is responsible for growth and strategic development within companies such as American Apparel, Fox Networks (Fox Broadcasting, FX Networks and Fox Sports) and Amgen. His documented skill in analyzing user behavior data produces actionable results across a wide variety of platforms and applications.


2017/10/17 [10:10 - 10:50]

The Evolution of Customer Centric Data Management