Shunsuke Konno
IREP Co., Ltd.

Shunsuke is the first and only thought leader in the Japanese SEM world and leads IREP, the No.1 Performance-based Digital Agency in Japan. Shunsuke Konno joined IREP after having worked at a foreign-invested IT company. As the chief consultant of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), he has provided consulting services for many large companies. Now he serves as the CEO and the head of Service Management Division of IREP to lead the e-marketing business, particularly SEM. Besides, he has also published books on SEM, attended SEM forums and delivered speeches. His books include Strategies for Success in SEM Advertising (impressjapan) and Techniques and Practices of SMO (Social Media Optimization) (SOFTBANK Creative Corp.).


[E-7] The New Rules of Liquid Customer Engagement