Tetsuro Ishida
KPI Solutions Inc.

In 2004, Mr. Ishida supervised Industry-University Cooperative Research program with JAIST, which was concerned the commercial use of advanced Clustering Technologies in the field of Social Networks.

Through the Feasibility Studies with MITI, Research and Development with telecommunications carriers, and took part in planning to the Knowledge Cluster Initiative by MEXT, in 2006, Ishida found KPI Solutions Inc. , and taking his advantages of the network with not only industry but also the academic community, and the government agencies up to the present.

He continues to announce Innovative solution models not in the past to the world, and also he is planning to explore the future not only advertising and marketing industry but also the cutting-edge of network , knowledge science and Evolution economic field.

He is known as a person of rich ideas especially of advanced networks and Simulation technologies which was built through the studies above.
With thought of Metamodeling, he is always focusing his eyes to the next marketing solutions, and the optimized relationships between corporate enterprises and consumers with the slogan “Leading Humanistic for Sustainable and Smart Consumption”.


[E-7] The New Rules of Liquid Customer Engagement