2015/12/1 [10:10 - 10:50]

K-2 The Emergence of Customer Experience Management: Why Customer Centricity may represent your best chance for competitive advantage

We have been hearing for years the promises that companies have been making to delight their

business customers – yet the actual experience often falls well short of the promise.. We’ve entered a

new era that Forrester calls the “Age of the Customer” — a time when a total focus on the customer and

the experience that the customer has with your business matters more than any other strategic


The Age of the Customer is a time when the customer is in control – and they determine how, when and

where they want to engage with a brand or business. The better we understand the customer and their

desires – the better our chance to engage with them and to win and retain them as loyal customers. The

more we disappoint them – the faster they leave the brand franchise and tell others of their poor

expereicne. It is an era that is going to require a fundamental rethink of the whole model of marketing

As customer expectations evolve, a company must harness data and technology in new and different

ways – learning more and more about their customers and turning that knowledge into insight about

the experiences that will deliver true value to customers. The companies ability to modify the

technologies that support customer journeys can make all the difference between a happy customer

and an ex-customer. CEOs are increasingly challenging their CMO's and CIOs to help the organization

shape winning customer experiences through emerging digital technologies. Orchestrating all these

technologies and processes around the customer represents tremendous challenges to most of today's


Yet the stakes have never been higher – and to the leaders in CXM will go the rewards (and

resulting market share)….We explore the tools, processes and technologies that are involved in

modern CXM practices and ask the question.."Are you ready for the emergence of CXM in your