2015/12/2 [11:20 - 12:00]

K-6 Is Japan ready for a Tech World War ? --Bubble, Top Trends, How to respond.

Japan is currently going through a big rising wave of entrepreneurship and innovation. Everyone is trying to do something: Government, schools, large corporations, small & mid-size corporations and obviously VCs, incubators and startups are involved. Now, the question is: Is Japan doing the right thing to complete with the rest of the world? Are they on the right track? How long this wave of innovation is going to continue? Is this a temporary fiasco? Is this a bubble that is going to burst and demolish the current build up? This keynote is going to cover the potentials and risks of the current Japanese wave in detail from a global VC prospective.

This keynote is going to discuss the top new world trends in technology that will dominate the world by 2020. Top trends and technologies such as IoT, Robotics, 3D Printing will be dominating this world and what these new trends should mean to everyone in Japan and how everyone in Japan can be part of this will be discussed. The method for Japanese people to embrace these top trends to be able to fight the world tech competition will be covered in this keynote presentation.