Anis Uzzaman
Fenox Venture Capital
General Partner & CEO

Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D is the General Partner and founding member of Fenox Venture Capital. He serves as the Chief Executive of the company, overlooking overall management and operations.

Located in Silicon Valley, USA, Fenox Venture Capital provides early stage and final round funding. With several multi-million dollar funds under management, Fenox Venture Capital focuses its investment in IT, Health IT, Consumer Internet, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social, Payment Systems and Next Generation Technologies.

Anis has invested in over 65 startups in the United States, Japan, and South East Asia. Some of the prominent USA startups in the Fenox portfolio include Genius, Lark, Scanadu, Jetlore, Meta, Expect Labs, Kiban Labs and Sharethis. Anis is also an investor and board member of Tech in Asia, the largest tech media blog in Southeast Asia. Anis also sits on the board of directors of Lark, Kii, Jetlore, DLE, I AND C-Cruise, Kiban Labs and Infoteria.

He holds a B.Eng. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, an M.S. in Engineering from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D in Computer Engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University in Tokyo, Japan. Anis is an honored guest speaker in international conferences, workshops and seminars, has published more than 30 technical papers, and is the author of the “Startup Bible – The Silicon Valley Way of Developing Success.”


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