2015/12/2 [15:10 - 16:00]

A-9 Why Do We Need to Centralize The Digital Marketing?

To manage marketing budget is the edge of a cliff for marketers. Why? First, budget management is the dead end of your running away from doing everything on your own. No matter if doing everything in-house is pie in the sky or not, you can outsource everything but budget management to your agencies. Second, from a different perspective the edge of the cliff is the starting point from where you can only move forward. If you fail there, everything goes down the cliff. Nevertheless, there is no comprehensive structure of knowledge for the topic because budget is the area where agencies who usually have an objective point of view cannot tap into. This session focuses on budget allocation for/within digital marketing and enables advertisers to have a holistic framework for the topic along with allowing agencies to have an opportunity to peep into what your advertisers are thinking in their mind when they come up with their budget plan.