Naoki Mori
Director of Business Development / Creative Director

I am Director of Business Development & Creative Director, Dentsu. Joined Dentsu in 2009 after having worked in the sales and marketing of digital devices, working for a market research firm, and involvement with an Internet venture company. I work primarily in the fields of mobile, social networking service, AR (Augmented Reality), Emerging Technologies, market research and business development related to new fields in advertising communications, campaigns, and consulting. I have also been involved in advertisement solutions development in Japan and throughout Asia, and I work as the innovation support that utilizes technology and UI/UX Design for clients. I am a board member of Japan Web Advertising Bureau for the Japan Advertises Association. ・Awards: Good Design Award (Japan), Spikes Asia (PR/GRAND PRIX), ADFEST (Interactive/Silver), AD STARS (Interactive/Bronze) and others. ・Publications: “The Mobile Shift” (ASCII MEDIA WORKS, 2012) ・Translations: “Listen First!” (Publisher: Shoeisha, 2012)


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