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1st - 2nd, November 2021

@ Tokyo International Forum+ Online

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Mikoto Kato 6
Cheetah Digital Co., Ltd.
Vice President, CMO

Mikoto is a global marketer with over 20 years of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing at WPP and Salesforce. In his previous Salesforce role, he launched Japan’s first Marketing Automation to the market in 2012 contributing a $400M size market development. From 2019, he runs Cheetah Digital – Leading Customer Engagement Platform Company and provides new marketing themes “Zero Party Data” and “New Generation of Loyalty”. He also served as the Founder of CMO X (CMO CLUB) where 100 brands’ CMOs participate. He is the Author of “The First Customer Journey Map Workshop (MarkeZine BOOKS)” and “The Customer Journey – Become a Brand of Choice (Sendenkaigi)”.


Fri, 1st Nov

[DT2] Economic Zone of Platform Company ID vs. Economic Zone of Owned ID


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