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1st - 2nd, November 2021

@ Tokyo International Forum+ Online

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Hirokazu Kai 2
Corporate Planning, Manager

After working in the sales position of large IT equipment, I have been engaged in marketing in the IT industry for about 20 years, and have extensive business experience in both B2C and B2B. Also I have been involved in the launch of EC business, and implemented a number of unique marketing campaigns and measures by taking advantage of the features of digital marketing in addition to traditional marketing. At the same time, I practiced various industry-academia collaboration projects to develop technology human resources and received the Career Education Award Grand Prize of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Currently, the Corporate Planning Headquarters is responsible for planning and implementing DX for each business division from a company-wide perspective. In addition, the daily theme is how to break down sustainability into Planet, People, and Society and incorporate them into the business.


Sat, 2nd Nov

[BM8] What is the Difference Between BtoB Marketing and BtoC Marketing?


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