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October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Hiroyuki Watanabe 4
Nikkei Inc.
Managing Wxecutive Officer Digital Business

Hiroyuki Watanabe started as a reporter for Nikkei McGraw-Hill, now Nikkei BP, in 1985, and has since become editor and editor-in-chief for vertical publications focusing on Management and IT. His move to the business side was in 2005 when he became responsible for Internet business
development.Hiroyuki joined Nikkei, Inc. in 2009 and was one of the key personnel responsible for developing the Nikkei, Online Edition. Since the launch, he is responsible for business operation of the Online Edition and business development for other new digital products and services.Now he is
responsible for business operation of both BtoC and BtoB digital business.


10/18 11:45-12:35

[C-6] Digitization of Traditional Media