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October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Gary Murray
Global Retail

Global Director Retail AdBirds Global - Previous executive roles at ASICS and Adidas Mr. Murray possesses first hand working experience in building an international e-Commerce business. He is going to share his profound knowledge on how to manage the complexities of multi-lingual and multi-cultural shopping. The subjects to cover include, but are not limited to “What does it mean to start an e-Commerce business? How do we build it to be scale-able across countries, languages and cultures?”. Gary will explain the processes, structures and pitfalls that he has encountered while starting e-Commerce businesses across the Globe for companies such as Nike, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. About Gary Murray I am now Global Director Retail at AdBirds with extensive experience in starting and scaling up e-Commerce businesses, across the globe, for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, ASICS. Previous roles: – EMA Head of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing at ASICS – Global Program Manager (e-Commerce and Digital) at Adidas Group


10/18 13:35-14:25

[C-7] Prediction of Social Media and Advertising Platform in the Next 3 Years