adtech tokyo

October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Katsuhiro Katabira
IREP Co., Ltd.
executive officer

In 2009 I joined Aire as a new graduate, and in the second year I will be involved in a project that is a major opportunity for the company. Successfully won the SEM competition of major companies one after another and nurtured it as a big business to expand the achievement of ileop all at once. I was appreciated as having continued to make great achievements in the digital marketing field of major companies, and I took office as the director who leads six teams in the fourth year since I joined the company. Strongly lead the operation type advertisement which is the essential part of Eilep's business. In January 2015 I became the youngest executive officer. Currently overseeing trading desk organization and human resource development / R & D organization of operational type advertisement. In addition, in March 2017 I completed the Graduate School of Business Administration and acquired MBA.


10/17 11:05-11:55

[E-1] Marketing Knowledge That Digital Marketer Does Not Know