adtech tokyo

October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Noboru Gunji 3
Cocokara Fine Health Care Inc.
Marketing team Maneger

1999 Established Land Corporation.President. And I made a franchise agreement with Seijo Inc(Seijo Inc. is the present CocokaraFine Inc. ). 2007 Joined Seijo Inc. The Section manager of the dispensing department.→The Section manager of sales administration department. 2010 Cocokara Fine Inc. was established by business integration. The Section manager of business administration department. 2011 As a pharmacist I went to the disaster area for medical support. 2013 Established Cocokara Fine OEC Inc. President. 2016 Incumbent.


10/18 14:40-15:30

[C-8] Team Building for Activation of Owned-Media