adtech tokyo

October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2017/10/17 [11:05 - 11:55]

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C-1 How Do We Confront the Era of Free Contents & No Ads?

A communication method that diversifies and subdivides more and more by digitalization. Among other things, what options are available for each company in this era in which choices of content that can be enjoyed for users are expanding and the method of "other than" advertising is required? From various approaches, we will draw a cornerstone with panel speakers who work on this subject.
· PR Approach: (companies that are interested in a lot of interesting releases or PR agencies doing such an approach)
· Community Approach: Socialization and Communityizing Approach by Branding Companies on Our Own Media
· Content Approach: We will deepen the problem solving method using contents and characters that exceeds paid content appeal.
witten by Daizo Nishitani