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October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2017/10/17 [15:15 - 16:05]

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A-4 How to Improve Cross-Device Targeting Skills

The traditional targeting solution provided advertisers the use of third-party cookies to track user behavior from personal computers. However, audiences today are increasingly accessing content across multiple platforms such as smartphones and connected TVs, and there is growing demand for cross-device tracking solutions to identify users across various platforms in recent years.
Various solutions have been introduced such as probabilistic data matching that uses data and algorithms to assume a link of multiple devices to a single user, and more deterministic methods such as mobile ID tracking where a match is made when there is a definite link between the user and their mobile device. However, such practices are raising concerns of privacy and security, and the need for rules and guidelines are also strong.
We invite four key participants representing various sectors: Rakuten (data holder), Benesse (advertiser), GMO Ad Partners (advertising agency) and Tapad (technology provider), to discuss the ideal targeting solution and how we can improve the accuracy of targeted ad delivery.
text by Tomo KUBOTA