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October 17th-18th,
2017 @ Tokyo International Forum
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2017/10/17 [11:05 - 11:55]

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A-1 "Mariage"of Digital Marketing and Branding

With the evolution of digital technologies such as smartphones and the net, digital marketing has attracted a great deal of attention.
On the other hand, marketing with "digital" is said to have limitations, and many discussions have been made that shifting marketing in general to the digital age is important.
Especially in the advertising method utilizing the so-called net, it tends to be visible figures such as conversions and clicks, and it tends to be the opposite method to the concept of branding which has been emphasized in traditional mass marketing.
What is the combination of digital and mass, what kind of organizational structure should be taken, and which KPI should be noted at that time? It can be said that there are multiple issues and it is a difficult discussion. I would like to talk about the process of trial and error to the people in charge of companies who are practicing digital efforts in companies that can be said to be a symbol of mass marketing actually how digital marketing and branding should be integrated I will.text by Motohiko Tokuriki