Scott Knoll
Integral Ad Science

Scott joined Integral Ad Science in 2011 and has helped expand the company’s offerings from brand safety to a full suite of advertising analytics measuring media inventory quality and its impact on driving results. Under his leadership, Integral has become the de facto standard for a majority of the industry for measuring ad viewability, fraud, safety and overall inventory quality. Prior to Integral, Scott was most recently the founder and President of Aperture. Prior to Aperture, Scott spent six years as a senior executive at DoubleClick Inc., directing the launch and development of the DoubleClick ad network in nine countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Korea. Scott also served as managing director of DoubleClick Asia Pacific and Vice President and General Manager of Global Marketer Solutions.


[D-1] Rethink Viewability and Ad Fraud