Phil Pallen
Phil Pallen Collective
Brand Strategist

Phil's teaching techniques at Conferences have resulted in amazing reviews from attendees and vendors who put in practice what they learn from his interactive presentation aim at seeing marketing strategies blossom. Whether it is a corporate or a startup, the session is divided into easy-to-follow steps to enhance your social media footprint and do it strategically. My tried-and-true approach to content development can be applied to any individual, organization, project, or business divided into three main areas to cover each individual attendee's interest: Positioning - We’ll discuss the necessary exercises to discover who your audience is and what makes your content different. You’ll have a clear concept of your key targets and how to position yourself to meet their need. Build - A picture says a thousand words. We’ll discover how to interpret your content development and transform it into engagement. I’ll give you my top recommendations for inspiration, featuring some of my favorite case studies. Promote - The fun part. You’ll understand the do’s and don'ts of pushing your creative limit and driving exposure to your content in the lean way. We’ll go through examples of ways to maximize eyes on you. Phil's job is to teach the audience the tools, methods and philosophies are best to harness that short window of attention to drive engagement to your content whether it may be through blogs, video tutorials or articles on specific industry topics. Say it Quick; Say it Well


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