2015/12/2 [10:40 - 11:20]

K-5 素晴らしき改訂 ~従来のエコシステム崩壊。そのシナリオが、マーケティングに新たな意味をもたらす~

We are living in a unique moment in history, when revolutionary change is occurring at a frenzied pace. Whereas the Industrial Revolution took over a century to cement, widespread change now happens in decades, or even in just years. In fact, the last five years have been some of the most tumultuous in history, coming on the end of the financial crisis and giving way to huge bounds in technological advancement in every sector.

While change used to happen from the top down, through governments and management, change now happens from the ground up, with savvy entrepreneurs dictating everything from new technology, to currency, to banking practices, to what’s being called “the internet of things”.

This massive scale of disruption has understandably left organizations on shaky footing, struggling to to engage consumers and employees alike and stay relevant.

Those that learn to adapt to this rapid pace of change, that allow themselves to be “rewritten” for the modern day, will survive and prosper.

Leonard Brody explains the answer to this widespread uncertainty, and how to harness it in your organization, and, what it means for marketers.