Akira Ishihara

CEO of KISEKI KEIEI RISYA K.K. and President of Nihon Keiei Kyoiku Kenkyujo.
After starting his carrier at Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. he moved on to become a sales representative for a foreign based educational material agency and became one of the top sales person among 60,000 sales members. After receiving a worldwide award as a sales manager, he became an independent consultant by establishing Nihon Keiei Kyoiku Kankyujo.
Currently, his clients rage from small to large businesses in various industries and he carries out over 100 lectures every year.
Over 3,500 companies participates in his “Top 3% High Profit Club” that helps members enhancing their marketing skills and business ideas.
He writes a weekly e-mail magazine having over 20,000 subscribers and also writes a blog “Ishihara Akira’s Management Hint”.
He is an author of several best seller books and his Podcast program had more than 1.6 million downloads.


[E-2] Marketing Ideas For Small Business