Yuji Hayashi
NIFTY Corporation
Creative planner

Daily Portal Z webmaster. I've been developing website "Tokyo toilet map" and the "Shinuka to omotta (I thought to die)" from 1996. Then, becomes "Daily Portal Z" web master in 2002, and produced a content of 500 or more up to the present. The theme is comedy any site. It became the topic "When Perry brought a proposal in PowerPoint" and "enter the life insurance pigeons chose" among others. The success that we reflected on Google Street view by wearing a pigeon mask in 2013. It becomes a hot topic in the overseas sites. I gave the false impression abroad and there are pigeons human in Japan. I wrote the books such as "business sho" and "Shinuka to omotta". "Shinuka to omotta" exceed 1,500,000 copies of totals. The favorite food is scallop and sausage.


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