Takashi Tanemura
Nikkei Inc.

Takashi Tanemura started working for Nikkei Inc. in 1985 and began his digital career in 1995 when he joined a work force to form a joint venture with Mitsui and AOL. After AOL Japan was formed, he helped the sales team when Nikkei launched NIKKEI NET, which transformed into The Nikkei Online Edition. He developed new products and did research on new digital business starting in the US. He transferred to Nikkei America, based in New York, in 2001 and continued his involvement with the new digital companies along with the traditional media which was beginning its transition to digital. Takashi returned to Tokyo in 2003 and continued his career in digital, developing new ad products and doing research on ad effectiveness. He also participated in several projects for Japan Interactive Advertising Association and is currently a leader of one of their projects.


[D-1] Rethink Viewability and Ad Fraud