Hisayo Okada
CyberAgent, Inc.
Internet Advertisement Headquarters VP of Global Starategy

Born in Osaka in 1986. Hisayo joined CyberAgent in 2008 after graduating Kansai University, Faculty of Business and Commerce, starting her career in the Internet Advertisement Headquarters in the Osaka office. In September 2010, Hisayo was assigned as president of poupeegirl, Inc., a Social Networking Service and gaming platform focusing on fashion, where she oversaw operations, product management, marketing and monetization.
After in 2012, Okada took the lead in providing app developers mobile marketing consulting services based on CyberAgent-owned products.
Leveraging her experience in the mobile marketing field, she then moved on to start-up a user acquisition consulting team for international clients seeking to enter the Japanese market which has been her focus since October 2014.


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