Masakazu Urabe

With over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry and in the web business, Masakazu Urabe is the pioneer and the producer of web media planning and creative solution business in Japan. Until now, for the technology development of the new internet and media business, I have done startups for Elle Online, project management for the female community”Caznet”, Value Traffic, research on AD traffic, and helped in the rebuild of at 2006,and helped in the launch of Glam Media Japan at 2008, and planned an "Owned media" and "Content marketing" for companies. I am studiously working on mobile firendly business from 2012.and I have a partnership with Mobify that is Canadian techology company having mobile platform recommended by Google. and We DOMO have already converted over 100 mobile web from desktop web for Fujitusu,Fujifilm ,Honda,Kao,Sunstar,Lion,Sanrio,and other companies. Also I am a magazine editor, media producer, journalist, a professor at Digital Hollywood College, and a substitute professor of Social Informatics at Aoyamagakuin Univ.


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