Toshiyuki Konishi
FOUNDER/Creative Director

Toshiyuki Konishi was born in Kyoto. He is a Japanese copywriter and creative director, known for Suntory’s IYEMON CHA (2004-) and The Premium Malt’s (2003-) series. He started his creative career at Hakuhodo, and he established POOL Inc. in 2006. Most of his works aim to help people communicate better in creative ways, and, consequently, his works have expanded from advertising to creative direction for development of new products, new commercial buildings and corporate brand strategy. His current main works are Sony’s PlayStation4 series , TOYOTA’s “Motto Yoku Shiyo” series, and Ippudo’s global campaign. He has been recognized at international creative awards such as CLIO and ONE SHOW.


[C-9] Japanese Creativity and its Future