Yoshiaki Nakamura
Japan Inbound Solutions Co.,Ltd
President & CEO

Yoshiaki Nakamura joined Don Quijote in 2000. He was in charge of the inbound project from July 2008; at the same time he became general manager of president’s office. In 5 years, he rapidly expanded the sales related to inbound from a billion to more than 40 billion yen. In July 2013, Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. was established and he assumed the post of the company’s representative. Not only to their own stores, but in association with municipalities and private enterprises all over Japan, the company supports regional projects alluring visitors to Japan. He is currently in a position of a guest professor at Hollywood University of Beauty and Kobe Yamate University, director of the Association Japan Inbound Education, chairperson of the Global Strategy Committee of Japan Hospitality Movement Association, and vice chairperson of the Tax Free Store Association of Japan, and a director of Minnnano Gaikokugo Kentei Foundation.


[E-1] Concern about inbound demand: China