Hirosuke Usui
Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.
Director International Affairs, Prsident's Office

Hirosuke Usui has been a thinker of digital media sterategy thoughout TV industry. Started his career as a television engineer of Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. since 1986. He experienced number of careers as of Event Project Development, Program Production, Overseas Program Sales. His digital experiences began with TBS' first internet shopping site "iShop" in 1998, and served as a chief producer of TBS web site 2000-2004. 2004-2008, he was in New York where assigned as VP of TBS International and observed US media transition closely. Back to Tokyo, he had served as a director of Digital Content Production Department bet 2008-2014. He was also an advisory board member of “Adtech Tokyo” bet 2009 and 2013, as well as today. He has been assigned to the current position since 2012, where he maintain relations over the media idustry globally .


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