Kei Taoka

After graduating from The University of Tokyo, Kei Taoka has been involved in the direct marketing industry. He started his career at Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1992. He was planning of direct response media and consulting for database marketing. In The Pokemon Company, he started up and ran the Pokemon official E-Commerce website in the US. During working for IMJ Corporation, after working for McKinsey & Company, Inc. Japan, he organized E−Commerce business unit, where he was involved in both BtoC and BtoB areas. While providing innovative E-Commerce consulting service and web site development to his clients, running BtoC E-Commerce website, mainly dealing in general merchandise, in his own company. Since joining JIMOS as President, Kei turned around current direct marketing cosmetics business with powerful and impactful results. In addition, he is trying to widen its business area. Taking advantage of JIMOS’s BtoC know-how, he currently offers direct marketing consulting, advertising creation, call center outsourcing service, resulting in extending his both BtoC and BtoB knowledge in the direct marketing.


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