Brandon Hill

Founder and CEO of San Francisco based Creative Agency, btrax, Inc. btrax specializes in helping global brands serve in the US and Asian market by providing branding and marketing services including Strategy & Consulting, Cross-Cultural Branding, and Intergraded Marketing. Some of its major clients are Expedia, SONY, Toys R’ Us, Kikkoman, Bandai, Square, Dentsu, and DAC. Brandon is active in the digital marketing field for over ten years. His notable contributions include: - Guest Speaker at Social Media Week Tokyo (Twice) - Keynote Speaker at SF Japan Night (6 times) - Design Mentor to Startup Weekend - Guest writer to Nikkei - Contributor to TechCrunch Japan - Guest Speaker at UC Berkeley Asia Business Conference - Guest Speaker at 500Startups Japan Day Also, his writing on company blog http://blog.btrax.com receives a great amount of traffic both from the US and Asia.


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