2015/12/2 [15:10 - 16:00]

E-9 Capturing The Moment of Mobile in Customer Journey

In the customer journey where the realms of offline and online sites
are intricately intertwined, taking full advantage of user’s mobile
touchpoint is essential for a marketing success.
Although the keyword “Smartphone First” has been trending for a while,
most companies fail to utilize smartphone channel, which often ends up
as nothing less than a make-over version of their PC site.

In this session, we are inviting project leaders from Aflac, U-CAN,
Zexy, who have made remarkable marketing achievements through
cross-channel customer touchpoint planning in recent years, to talk
about specific approaches and tips.

Both Aflac and U-CAN have been engaging in smartphone touchpoint
optimization that is strongly tied to their TV commercials and making
a great success in new customer acquisition and conversion.
Their approach of mobile marketing will be a great inspiration for
those who are involved in cross-channel marketing communication

Zexy, a wedding information company, released Zexy app last year and
it succeeded in increasing customer engagement and lock-in by
utilising push content that is adjusted in accordance with user
attributes. This is a prime case where smartphone application led to a
further build up of a brand that was originally established by paper