Japan Advertising Federation
12/02 14:00-14:40
Sponsored presentation B

All Young Creatives have dreams. 

I am a 25-years-old communication planner.At the beginning of this year, together with my designer partner Shoko Maeda, I submitted a work to a creative competition for young creatives under the age of 28. The winning pair would be sent to the Young Lotus Workshop in Pattaya, Thailand. We were very fortunate to be selected as the winning pair out of 117 pairs. This meant we were to go to Pattaya, representing Japan. We joined the other pairs from 12 different countries who were our classmates during the 3-day workshop as well as competitors in a creative competition. I will talk about all the enriching experiences I gained through the workshops and the competition.


Haruka Ichikawa
Yomiuri Advertising